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CNN covered a rally at New York’s Columbus Circle, where about twenty attendees were there at the start. As time went on, more arrived.

The group claimed President Donald Trump is not their president. CNN quoted a college professor who said that these rallies and anti-Trump protests do not have a stated vision or goal:

Historically, protests against new presidents are not unusual, said David Meyer, a sociology professor at the University of California, Irvine, and author of “The Politics of Protest.”
“What is unusual is the vigor, speed, size, and number of issues that they’re challenging Trump on,” Meyer said. “To have a sustained (protest), every weekend, every couple of days, and it’s a different issue — I’ve never seen anything like this before.”
Monday’s marches, and other similar rallies, do not have a clear and concise policy proposal, but Meyer said they still had a unifying message to the White House: “No”
Here’s one protester and her sign…we’ll let the reader decide what to think:

#notmypresident #dumptrump #blacklivesmatter #presidentsday #protest #whatinspiresyou

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Also, if the attendees read the U.S. laws and knew the election system, Donald Trump is their president until 2020.

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