Accuracy in Media

After Sony was hacked by North Korea, and Sony capitulated to North Korean demands to not air their comedy movie, “The Interview,” it showed how this is not the age of the bully. One writer at The Federalist writes how this is not limited to North Korea, but to terrorists from Hamas:

“At the same time Pyongyang and Havana were celebrating big triumphs, the European Union decided to lift its “terrorist” classification for the Palestinian terror group Hamas, which is known for spending the Palestinians’ heavily-subsidized treasury on illegal weapons and terror tunnels, launching rockets at civilian targets from behind human shields, and applauding the vehicular homicide of three-month-old Jewish tourists who happen to be carrying American citizenship papers.

From this latest of many concessions to Palestinian terrorism by Western liberals, the bullies of the world learn that the resistance of civilized people to barbaric aggression can be worn down. Keep pushing, demanding, and threatening, and eventually they’ll decide resistance is too much trouble, especially if they’re not overly fond of the people you’re bullying.”

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