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The liberal media’s mission to destroy Sarah Palin in the heat of her ongoing book tour ensnared an unwitting a 17-year-old Palin fan in Grand Rapids, Mich. Norah O’Donnell of MSNBC set up the girl, Jackie Seal, by staging a confrontation with her over Palin’s views on last year’s government bailout of the financial industry because Seal was wearing an anti-bailout shirt.

First watch the encounter on YouTube, but then be sure to read Seal’s report of her encounter with “one of the many faces of liberal media bias” (key excerpts below the video).

Seal “knew I was walking into hot water with MSNBC” but thought she was prepared. Off the air, O’Donnell asked Seals why she liked Palin. O’Donnell then noticed what Seal’s shirt said — “the U.S. government handed out $700 billion in Wall Street bailouts, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” — and decided to seize on that storyline for the live shot but without telling Seal in advance, after she had led the teen to believe the line of questioning would be about why she likes Palin.

I kept telling myself answer her question well, don’t freak out. Well, I thought she’d ask me the same question. She asked the man beside me (who by the way is NOT my dad) the same question she had before we went on air. Myself on the other hand, not the same story. She had me read my shirt and then proceeded to ask me, “Did you know Sarah Palin supported the bailout”?

To be 100 percent honest, I was like, are you kidding me? She is trying to use my shirt against me. I was so shocked by the craftiness she had that I was truly stumped. I asked her where she got her fact, and she read her little note. Then she asked me what I liked about Sarah, and I talked about the Constitution.

Immediately after the interview I said to my dad, “Oh man, I have so many great responses now about my shirt.” I could have said, “Well, my shirt doesn’t say anything about Sarah Palin supporting the bailout.” Or, “Hey Norah, have you read the book? She talks about how during her debate prep she was handed a list of note cards that had questions and ‘non-answers.’ Of course they told Sarah Palin to support everything McCain did. Call me crazy but it would have looked pretty bad had Sarah Palin been against something John McCain was against while they were running together.”

Seal later realized she was the victim of a typical media “gotcha” moment. (Remember, she is just a teenager.) But thanks to the power of new media, she turned the “gotcha” moment on O’Donnell, not only reporting the context of what happened on the scene but also exposing an intentionally misleading factual error by O’Donnell.

In responding to alleged “lies out there” about her report, O’Donnell said on Twitter that Seal is not 13. That much is true. But O’Donnell also said Seal “voted in 2008.” Seal is only 17 now, so she didn’t vote last year. “And I don’t live in an ACORN district, so I didn’t have a chance to even register illegally,” she added on her blog.

As of this morning, O’Donnell has not yet corrected the record on Twitter.

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