Accuracy in Media


Four days ago I posted a blog asking the left to convince me of their positions. I posed three very simple questions to which I desired the opposite wing’s take.

Four days later I have received zero responses.

There are only two possibilities for this lack of responsiveness:

The first is that no one is reading AIM’s On Target. I’d be depressed at the thought if it were true.

Fortunately, I know it’s not.                             

Leftist blogs like Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Right Wing Watch, Columbia Journalism Review and ConWebWatch spare no time attacking Accuracy in Media whenever they can. As a matter of fact, Terry Krepel, a professional attack-dog blogger, has attacked little ol’ me personally (see the ConWeb link), and I’m just an intern!

The other possibility is that these catty critics just don’t have the pluck to actually engage in meaningful dialogue. They’d rather sit atop their ivory towers spewing unanswered venom and preaching to their choir than attempt to communicate across the proverbial isle.

Come on, guys! Are you—the elite of the liberal blogosphere—scared to debate the lowly AIM intern?

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