Accuracy in Media

Great write-up by the Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti, who points out that Grandma Hillary Clinton does not know best for America. Referring to her vaccine tweet and pro-Grandma stance:

“Naturally the press marveled at the ability of a rich and powerful woman to hire someone much younger and trendier, with smaller and nimbler fingers, to compose and edit tweets for her. How savvy Clinton is, how above it all, floating to coronation while the two idiot Republicans adopt a hippie cause as their own. And yet the most depressing aspect of the controversy, for me, was that second hashtag, the one about #GrandmothersKnowBest.

Clinton’s flaunting of her grandchild is one of the most transparently cynical and sentimental acts of a major American politician that I can recall. We have had presidents who have been parents, and we have had presidents who have been grandparents. But a campaign based on grandparental solidarity? A novelty.”

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