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No, Liberals, Antifa Members Can’t Compare to World War Two Veterans

Antifa, or alleged “anti-fascists”, were recently compared to veterans of World War Two by an editor at The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg. His reasoning? Antifa charged white supremacists and neo-Nazis at Charlottesville like World War Two veterans did during the war. Here’s what Goldberg tweeted, comparing ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie’s portrayal of veterans to “a group of very aggressive alt-left protesters invading a beach without a permit”:

Goldberg must not have been satisfied with President Donald Trump’s use of “alt-left” to describe Antifa in his speech condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Antifa violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one civilian died.

What is wrong with this comparison?

Antifa is composed of left-wing and violent activists who fought white supremacists and neo-Nazis, who are not trained military personnel and are not engaged in actual worldwide warfare, while World War Two veterans fought for democracy and against tyranny and Nazi Germany (and German allies) across the world.

War and street fights are completely different, let alone the stark difference in casualty rates between Antifa-vs.-neo-Nazis and World War Two. Let’s take a look at the casualty figures: