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ABC News, CNN, CBS News and NBC News did not run headlines that outlined how Hillary Clinton, the losing presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, lost more electors than Donald Trump. The media built up the narrative that Trump would lose electors, not Clinton, and as a result, have an egg on their face.

ABC News highlighted Michael Moore offering to pay fines for rogue electors that go from Trump to Clinton, a Maine elector plans on voting for Bernie Sanders, how one elector voted for an anti-oil pipeline activist.

CBS News covered the seven ‘faithless electors’ and it was reflected in the headline (yet no mention how Clinton lost more electors than Trump), in addition to how Trump went after Bill Clinton over the Electoral College and e-mails scandal and how “few GOP electors” were swayed by pro-defecting rhetoric.

CNN ran an article on how electors ‘remain faithful to Trump’ and another’s headline gave tribute to the popular musical ‘Hamilton’.

NBC News covered how the final Electoral College vote sealed Trump’s victory and how a ‘drama-filled Electoral College’ final vote was fitting for the year 2016.

Note: The headlines were compiled by typing ‘faithless electors’ in the search engines of each media outlet’s website and combing through search results.

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