Accuracy in Media

Too often, the liberal media talks about how temperatures and weather indicate that there is global warming and climate change, especially when there are hot summers and warmer-than-usual winters. But, that quickly disappears when there are cold and chilly winters, as it is in this case at NBC News:

The first arctic blast of the season has hit — blanketing parts of the Rockies and Plains with subzero temperatures early Thursday and heralding a bitter freeze that will affect more than 200 million people.

But meteorologists are warning about a second, perhaps even colder chill that could spread into the East Coast and possibly portions of the South late next week. A shift in a weather system known as the Polar Vortex may be partially to blame, according to The Weather Channel.

There was no mention of global warming or climate change in this article. Interesting, huh?

For the record, temperature =/= climate, yet the liberal media cannot understand that.

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