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The New York Times Upshot is a data-focused part of the newspaper, but just like the Times, it has a liberal bent. In their recent data piece entitled, “You draw it: What got better or worse during Obama’s presidency”, Upshot put out mostly-positive statistics about the Obama presidency. Here’s what they put out:

  • Unemployment rate has fallen under Obama’s two terms
  • Obama has deported an increasing number of crime-committing illegal immigrants
  • Under Obama, national health care spending as a percent has gone up 2% (an ObamaCare plug by Upshot)
  • National debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) has spiked under Obama
  • Number of Mexicans illegally living in America has fallen by one million
  • Violent crimes have decreased
  • Troop deployments in Afghanistan have decreased from 187,900 to 12,559

Now, a fairer piece would have acknowledged the following statistics about Obama’s legacy as president:

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