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The New York Times has launched a branding campaign aimed to convince the public and its readers of the need to pay for quality journalism.

The campaign, called ‘The Truth Is Worth It,” features a series of videos including How to Get Away With Murder in Small-Town India and Puerto Rico Revises Death Toll.

“We’re only able to deliver our particular brand of deeply-reported journalism because we make the investment in the people and resources required to do it at the highest quality level,” said the paper’s chief marketing officer David Rubin in a statement.

“The campaign comes at a time when anti-press rhetoric is on the rise and print circulations are declining,” he added.

Advertising revenue and print subscriptions have dried up due to a combination of the 2008 financial crisis and the shift of news consumption via the web, so the Times has shifted its focus to beefing up its digital operations.  The paper now has more than 3 million digital-only subscribers which have helped keep the paper afloat.

Rubin says more people are realizing the value of paying for quality journalism.

“We believe the quality of understanding one gets from reading The Times is worth paying for. That journalism takes hard work, expertise, money, and time. In today’s era, it can only happen with readers’ direct support.

“Our campaign is about educating a broad audience that if they want quality news and not just whatever comes in their feed, they have to pay for it.”

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