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The New York Times published an article comparing President Donald Trump to George Wallace, a Southern Democratic politician in the 1960s who embraced the practice of segregation between white and black Americans. Both, the Times claimed, were outspoken populists and used an angry populace against the establishment.

Townhall reported that the video said the following:

New York Times narrator: But the politics of division aren’t new. Five decades ago, populist appeals fueled the rise of another controversial politician, George Wallace, whose story ended in a way no one expected.

Former New York Times reporter B. Drummond Ayres: Well, Wallace was a good politician. He knew how to play the game, and, maybe more to the point, he would use anything to play that game.

George Wallace clip: I say, segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever!

An article that accompanied the piece, written by reporter Clyde Haberman, discussed the alleged Wallace-Trump connection even further:

Separated by as much as half a century, the two men’s public lives run strikingly parallel. It’s as if they drank from the same political cup: George C. Wallace, the Alabama governor who ached to become president, and Donald J. Trump, the developer and showman who made it to the top. They are bound by their streaks of opportunism and by their campaigns tailored to resentful voters brimming with the conviction that society’s deck is stacked against them.

Despite media claims, securing the border, limiting immigration and voter ID are not segregationist issues and therefore, President Trump is not similar to George Wallace.

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