Accuracy in Media

A press release by the Gun Owners of America highlighted how the state Supreme Court beat back a gun control effort by the New Hampshire attorney general:

Gun Owners of America is celebrating the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s rejection of an anti-gun opinion that would have illegally turned the names of state residents into the National Instant Check System.

“New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster was misrepresenting both the law and the facts to the state Supreme Court,” said Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA.  “Had he been successful, we would have seen hundreds of gun owners’ names illegally turned in to the NICS system.”

That list of names could have included, in its most extreme cases, senior citizens who have been assigned guardians — and would follow the precedent set by the Veterans Administration which has now barred more than 250,000 military veterans from buying firearms.

Photo by Friscocali

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