Accuracy in Media

NBC News claimed President Donald Trump was ineffective as president in trying to end the brief government shutdown. CNN had previously claimed the president was “irrelevant” in discussions, even though a Democratic Party leader met with the president before the shutdown occurred in an attempt to hammer out a deal.

NBC echoed a similar sentiment:

Trump was a nonplayer in these negotiations: He was missing in action, and it’s possible it remains that way, at least until any DACA action reaches the House, where the president might be needed to give cover to Republicans.

NBC News’ point may be true, as far as the on-the-ground negotiations go, but he was a player since the president has the bully pulpit and can project his messaging to the public. To say he was a “nonplayer” is partly incorrect, as he met with a senior Democratic Party leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) to stop the initial government shutdown.

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