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EMILY’s List, a pro-abortion-rights political organization which consistently backs the Democratic Party and aims to elect female politicians that support their goals, is fighting a civil war within the Democratic Party.

This time, the organization is backing Sarah Clark, a former Hillary Clinton and Kirsten Gillibrand Senate staffer, in a recently-vacated House seat in Rochester, N.Y. The seat was vacated after the death of Rep. Louise Slaughter. Clark would possibly face state assemblyman Joe Morelle in the primaries in a safe Democratic seat, which Slaughter held for 16 two-year terms.

Despite the goal of electing Democratic politicians to national office to stymie the GOP’s agenda under the Trump administration, EMILY’s List is backing candidates the Democratic Party establishment does not think could win in a general election. This also occurs while the Democratic Party is having an internal conflict between its liberal establishment and the Bernie Sanders-progressive wing of the party.

An example of this internal party friction was when party congressional officials backed a progressive, pro-abortion-rights candidate Marie Newman (also backed by EMILY’s List) in a safe Illinois district against a longtime and anti-abortion liberal incumbent Dan Lipinski. Though Lipinski narrowly won, the damage was done, where progressive Democrats are gunning for liberal and moderate Democrats in a type of litmus test ahead of the November midterm elections.

As much attention that Trump and the GOP garner from the media, it is a disservice for the media to mostly ignore the civil war going on within the Democratic Party.

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