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NBC News Predicts GOP Voter Rebellion in Red States over Tariffs

The Trump administration proposed tariffs in March on imported Chinese goods, which led to counter-tariffs from China, a major trade partner with the U.S.

Headlines on the exchange criticized the policy, calling it a “trade war,” despite the media’s bent on government-run and government-subsidized economic policies.

NBC News published an article [1] about Nebraskan farmers and voters who are unhappy with Trump’s proposed tariffs.

In it, NBC News quoted a longtime Republican voter and Nebraskan farmer, who told the news outlet that he and other farmers are mobilizing to vote for the Democratic senatorial candidate over the Republican incumbent. Like much of the mainstream media, NBC News portrayed the tariffs issue as a permanent one.

The media has not reported that these announcements could be a part of a broader negotiating tactic undertaken by the Trump administration, which could lead to less punitive trade barriers instead of the current proposals on the table.

The article did not challenge the Democratic Party politicians quoted, who said they have the best interests of red-state and rural farmers at heart.