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NBC News Outlines How Democrats will Attack Mike Pence, Potential Trump VP Pick

Well, that’s nice to print talking points [1] for the Left in attacking Trump *sarcasm*

As both a congressman and governor, Pence was a reliable ally of social conservatives who often says he is, “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican — in that order.” Democrats say that agenda is a major vulnerability in a general election because it alienates key voting blocs.

“That’s the top line on our message because that’s the top line in his career,” said a Democratic operative involved in the race who spoke on background because Trump’s decision had not yet been announced.

And while Trump is no Christian warrior — he has said he would champion gay rights and seems unfamiliar with the Bible — Democrats will say both Trump and Pence are divisive and discriminatory in their own ways. While Trump turns off people of color, Pence turns off women and LGBT people, they say.

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