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NBC News criticized Donald Trump and how he did not play by the rules in bringing a press corps to his Mexico visit, did not give the press as many details as they’re used to, spurned details in planning his Mexico trip, and “defied the advice of the U.S. government”:

Trump is accepting an invitation for the visit from president Peña Nieto, but the last minute nature of the trip is unprecedented. The trip was confirmed around 10:00 p.m. EST Tuesday night, about 18 hours before he is expected to land in Mexico City.

Trump has ignored the labor and time that usually goes into planning such a major event.

He defied the advice of the U.S. government as adequate arrangements take weeks of planning.

Trump is also bringing no members of his traveling press corps – a major reversal of tradition for presidential candidates holding international meetings. Just hours before the meeting, the press is still scrambling to find out information about the time of the event and how to cover it as reporters are scrambling to make their way to Mexico City. The campaign directed the press charter to Phoenix, Arizona ahead of his immigration speech despite repeated requests by news outlets to accompany the candidate on his first official foreign trip.

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