Accuracy in Media

The gay agenda continues to be pushed by the Left and the liberal mainstream media; this time, it’s NBC News heralding yet-another ‘watershed’ moment in politics in the name of LGBTQ politicians:

Based on recent polls, there’s a significant chance the United States will elect its first female president. And with dozens of LGBTQ candidates running for Congress, as well as state and local offices across the country, 2016 could also be an important year for the representation of queer women in politics.

Though LGBTQ representation has been on the rise for decades, the 114th Congress still boasts just seven queer people, and only two of them women — neither of whom identified as trans. Beth Shipp is the Executive Director at LPAC, a Political Action Committee that supports LGBTQ women. She believes November is an opportunity to “make 2016 a watershed moment for LGBTQ representation in state houses and U.S. Congress.”

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