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NBC News Claims Trump ‘Sowed Divisions’ in State of the Union Speech

NBC News published [1] a post-State of the Union analysis of President Donald Trump’s speech, and in its headline, said the president “sowed divisions.”

The article quoted four Democratic lawmakers who criticized Trump’s speech and Michael Steele, an anti-Trump Republican and MSNBC contributor.

NBC News only quoted two Trump supporters: One was a half-endorsement of Trump’s remarks from a former Ted Cruz staffer, and the other was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

The article’s main point was how the president listed his political victories, ranging from defanging Obamacare by executive order and passing tax reform legislation. NBC News said that these accomplishments are partisan, and accordingly, his speech was divisive.

Listing accomplishments of the administration is not partisan, and the article omitted parts of the speech in which the president praised a North Korean defector and a policeman whose family adopted a child of a drug addict.