Accuracy in Media

That’s quite a whopper to tell, and since when is it a reporter’s job to dictate the perceived discipline of a political campaign? Stick to the facts, NBC News. Here’s the line in their article, which talks about two major stories that don’t put Hillary Clinton in a good light:

Clinton is running a highly disciplined campaign that gives Trump precious few openings to attack.\

Then the same article makes excuses for the Clinton campaign, when the Orlando nightclub terrorist’s father was seen in a prominent section of a Hillary Clinton rally, and how ambassadorships are political appointments (as if that excuses the Clinton Foundation donors influencing the State Department):

While they merit scrutiny, neither storyline is damning on its own and would need fanning to stay alive more than a day.

The emails may do seem to show some favor trading. But that’s common, if unseemly, in politics, with the State Department itself being one of the best examples, through the long-established practice of giving ambassadorships to large donors to the president’s campaigns.

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