Accuracy in Media

They may want to double down on the title of their piece, which is “‘Bathroom’ Protests will likely leave Target Unscathed, Experts Say,” especially when the company’s stocks went down and cost the company some $1.5 billion on Friday:

“If you look historically at corporations attacked or boycotted, there’s no empirical or market evidence that they ever suffered any specific losses,” Witeck said. “None of these boycotts have legs, they don’t last for a long time.”

This isn’t the first time Target has been on the receiving end of right-wing ire. Last year, it faced boycott threats from people upset by its removal of signage separating boys’ and girls’ toys, and in 2012, it sparked a backlash for selling T-shirts to support the Family Equality Council, a group opposing the Defense of Marriage Act (a major piece of which was overturned the following year).

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