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The article on NBC News appeared to exonerate Edward Snowden from any blame in how Russian hackers somehow obtained NSA spying tools, as revealed this week. But, as NBC News even noted, Snowden is living in Russia to avoid U.S. prosecution…so is he involved, or isn’t he?

Security experts and former National Security Agency officials also believe that material posted online — essentially a cyber version of a burglar’s bag of breaking and entering tools — is somehow connected to an unprecedented and ongoing campaign by Russia to meddle in U.S. affairs, including the presidential election.

One of those experts is Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who has been hiding out in Russia after stealing a vast trove of his former employer’s most classified data and leaking it to journalists back in 2013.

“Circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian responsibility,” Snowden said in a long statement posted online in a series of tweets.

Despite all the destructiveness caused by Snowden’s leaks, which revealed widespread spying by the NSA both internationally and domestically, no actual computer code was revealed publicly that could be used by hackers, cybersecurity experts told NBC News.


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