Accuracy in Media

As NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk tackles NFL news, it has, like many sports journalists, taken the side of national-anthem-protesting athletes such as Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid.

Both athletes kneeled during the playing of the U.S. national anthem and were teammates in San Francisco, Calif. Both athletes remain unsigned by professional teams.

Pro Football Talk’s take, in a blog praising Kaepernick for taking a stand and receiving an award from Amnesty International, lamented how the NFL has essentially blacklisted these athletes.

The NFL waffled on the right to protest back in 2009, they said, and during the protests, affirmed their right to protest. Pro Football Talk also quoted Kaepernick’s take on the anthem, where the athlete said police officers participate in “lawful lynching of black and brown people.”

They may be right in pointing out the NFL’s hypocrisy, but it is not the media’s job to lobby on behalf of specific people or athletes. Kaepernick’s ongoing lawsuit against the league does not help his case, which was not mentioned, nor were his controversial statements on police officers.

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