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The liberal media hyped up the initial estimate that it would cost the New York Police Department up to $1 million a day to protect President Donald Trump, his family and Trump Tower in New York City. Let’s review some of the headlines from last year:

  • Chicago Tribune: The Trumps should live in the White House
  • CNN: Protecting Donald Trump costs New York City more than $1 million a day
  • NBC News: Keeping Trump Tower safe will be an ‘unprecedented challenge’
  • New York Times: New York asks U.S. to pay Trump security costs; puts first bill at $35 million
  • USA Today: NYC mayor wants $35 million for Trump Tower security

How about the recent revelations that the cost will be much lower at $25 million? Who covered the downgrade in cost estimate by $10 million?

  • ABC News: NYC lowers cost estimate for presidential protection
  • New York Times: New York police lower cost estimate of guarding Trump and his tower
  • Politico: NYPD commissioner: Trump security bill is $25.7 million
  • Yahoo: NYC lowers cost estimate of presidential protection

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