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MSNBC afternoon anchor Andrea Mitchell found her line of pointed questions backfire with Tea Party Express spokeswoman Amy Kremer today. Apparently seeking to propagate the Left’s party line that America doesn’t care for the Tea Party anymore, Mitchell peppered her guest with the routine that is supposed to help paint the movement as inflexible budget deficit hawks. Predictably, Mitchell raised the question of why not raise taxes on the wealthy and strip corporations of tax loopholes. The host found herself awkwardly playing defense when Kremer reminded the audience that those exact corporate tax loopholes were taken advantage of by MSNBC’s minority stock owner, General Electric (emphasis added):

Mitchell: Why aren’t taxes on the table? Even in Paul Ryan’s budget, which some say, you know, is very gutsy, in taking on some sacred cows in terms of entitlements. Why not raise taxes on higher income people? Why not talk about closing loopholes on corporations?

Kremer: I think history has, I do believe loopholes should be closed. There has been a big story in the past several days about GE paying no taxes. Let’s close the loopholes. What happened is—

Mitchell: Those are legal loopholes that GE, which is part owner of NBC Universal, took advantage of the tax law because of write-offs for losses that they incurred.

Kremer: They do need to be closed. But, their CEO is sitting, you know, he works with the Obama Administration. They did it legally. Let’s close those loopholes Why don’t we lower the corporate tax structure?

It is no surprise to us that MSNBC dislikes low taxes for the rich and other companies. Just don’t rock the boat by discussing their books, please.


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