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MSNBC Joins Sanders in Declaring Net Neutrality Vote the ‘End of the Internet as We Know It’

Mainstream media, led by MSNBC and CNN, joined Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.-Vt.) Thursday in decrying the FCC’s decision to roll back the net neutrality rules imposed on Internet service providers.

CNN chimed in with an article [4] originally titled “End of the Internet as We Know It” listing several reasons why the rollback was a bad idea.

The internet did not have government regulation before net neutrality rules were imposed, and technology has improved greatly, making it harder for broadband providers to discriminate and censor content.

Even one early supporter of net neutrality, Netflix, has admitted as much.

“Where net neutrality is really important is the Netflix of 10 years ago,” Chief Executive Reed Hastings said in May.

The decision prompted New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to announce Thursday that he is suing to block the end of net neutrality rules because regulation is always better than a free-market solution to liberals.