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MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell railed against outgoing GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan last week. In his “Last Word” segment, where he closes his program with a rant or statement, O’Donnell minced no words of his contempt for the retiring congressman from Wisconsin.

O’Donnell said that Ryan had no soul, could not oppose Trumpism at its worst, and was more ineffective than disgraced “pedophile” Dennis Hastert and slave-owning Speakers in the pre-Civil War era:

But Paul Ryan looked into his political soul and found nothing. Nothing but weakness and subservience when faced with a President Donald Trump and rampant Trumpism in the House of Representatives. Paul Ryan is not even close to being the worst person who has been Speaker of the House. Pedophile Dennis Hastert served eight years as the Republican Speaker of the House, only to be revealed in his retirement to be a criminal. And before the Civil War, of course, we had slave-owning Speakers of the House. But they were all more effective in their job as speaker than Paul Ryan.

O’Donnell did not list specific examples of why Ryan was very ineffective, considering Ryan was able to pass tax cuts, which has led to over 350 companies announcing employee bonuses, enhanced benefits and hiring initiatives.

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