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MSNBC Flubs a Critical Gun Fact to Make Point

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell made the claim that a handgun fires a bullet a third as slow than an AR-15 rifle, making a handgun less safe to use for teachers.

O’Donnell’s reasoning was that the difference in bullet speed from a specific type of firearm means that one is less effective than the other and that teachers should not be armed with handguns because handguns shoot slower than an AR-15.

Here’s what O’Donnell said and what MSNBC posted [1] on social media:

While O’Donnell is correct on the difference in bullet speed between a handgun and an AR-15, his argument is incoherent. Just because bullet speeds differ does not mean that teachers should not be armed to defend themselves and their students; a handgun can still be relied on for self-defense.

MSNBC and O’Donnell failed to mention how two police officers used handguns to defend Republican politicians from rifle fire last summer, where Republican Rep. Steve Scalise (La.) was seriously injured.