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Democratic governor Mark Dayton said the following about Philando Castile’s death during a traffic stop:

Dayton said Thursday at a news conference in St. Paul that he thinks the police response was “way over” what was called for when the officer shot Castile several times as he sat in his car Wednesday in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights. The car had apparently been pulled over because of a broken taillight.

“Nobody should be shot and killed in Minnesota for a tail light being out of function,” he said. “Would this have happened if those passengers would have been white? I don’t think it would have.”

…Dayton said he spoke Thursday with many African Americans who recounted to him how they had been pulled over, “singled out and treated differently because of their race.”

“This kind of racism exists – it’s coming up on all of us,” Dayton said. “We have to do everything we can to see it doesn’t continue to happen.”

Photo by Lorie Shaull

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