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The liberal media protects its own, meaning the Democratic Party. Sitting New Jersey Democratic senator, Bob Menendez, is on trial for corruption charges related to bribing officials to pave the way for favors for a longtime associate, Saloman Melgen. Melgen has already been convicted for Medicare fraud, but Menendez is in trouble because he allegedly advocated for Melgen’s ex-girlfriends to get visas to come to the U.S. and took bribes from Melgen for those and other favors.

But, who has covered this? AIM pointed out that the liberal media had covered it, but that was before the New York Times did not list Menendez as a Democrat until conservatives pointed it out on social media.

Also, that was at the start of the trial proceedings, where the media did cover the initial news. But, since then, Politico has been publishing pieces on the proceedings. Has the rest of the liberal media done so? Not so much:

  • Politico has at least three articles published on it
  • New York Times had at least one article, plus one op-ed
  • ABC News published at least one article
  • CNN had at least one article on the trial
  • The Washington Post published at least one article

The liberal media should step up and cover the Menendez trial and proceedings more, which is a huge corruption case. It could possibly tip the Senate toward the Republicans, if Menendez is forced to resign by a Senate vote, and could affect President Donald Trump’s agenda going into 2018.

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