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Recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was rumored to have lost his federal employee pension when Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired him.

McCabe was fired because he leaked information to the media and was dishonest about his role in an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, despite what the media portrayed over the weekend.

CNN ran with the rumor that McCabe would lose a good amount of his government pension if he was fired before the end of last weekend. This led to reports it was a punitive move by Sessions and the Trump administration.

But, as law professor Jonathan Turley wrote, McCabe did not lose his government pension:

McCabe did lose his pension on a temporary basis since he could have benefitted under the early pension rules.  However, some Democratic members are offering him a job to allow him to finish the required period on the congressional payroll.  However, Forbes is reporting that that could be a problem.

Indeed, when you look at 5 U.S.§ 8412, it expressly exempts personal terminated “for cause”

Turley’s main point is that no one can know, for certain, whether McCabe will end up losing a portion of his government pension due to him being fired “for cause.”

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