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Nancy Pelosi’s flack has a twin brother who works for the Associated Press.

Brendan Daly, 47, is a familiar name to many on the Hill: He’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s longtime communications director. His twin, Matt, is an AP reporter covering Pacific Northwest issues, and brother Corbett, 38, is an economic reporter for Reuters. (They have another brother, Sean, 53, who is a TV reporter in Rhode Island.)

Brendan says having a twin can get tricky in the Capitol at times: “Last year, my brother Matthew was in the House press gallery writing a story. He got to chatting with a reporter for a large metropolitan daily, and soon he noticed the reporter take out his notebook and start taking notes. He had to tell the reporter he was not me, so he shouldn’t be quoting him.” Back in 2002, when Pelosi was minority whip, Brendan went to the whip meeting only to be told by a member, “This meeting is closed to press.”

People may have a hard time telling the twins apart for reasons other than their looks, too. Ditto for the other brothers in the media. I don’t know about the Rhode Island TV station, but AP and Reuters definitely let their liberalism show at times.

As for the twins, Mediabistro sees the makings for mischief. It would make a good movie. Think “Media Trap.”

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