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Media Skeptical of Trump’s Reversal of Obama’s Coal and Climate Rules

The liberal media, hardly a fan of President Trump and his policies, criticized the administration for reversing anti-coal energy regulations and quoted skeptics, economists and environmentalists, who said that the move may not bring many jobs back to the coal industry.

They did admit that Trump was fulfilling a campaign promise, so you have to give them that.

Yet, CNN ran two articles critical of it, with one blaming capitalism (not Obama’s regulations) for the coal industry’s struggles under Obama and the other worried about the global ramifications of Trump’s rollback:

Trump move to roll back climate rules won’t bring back coal or mining jobs [1]

What Trump’s executive order on climate means for the world [2]

ABC News was frank from the get-go, questioning the usefulness of the regulation rollback:

Can Trump really bring back coal jobs? The verdict is mixed [3]