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Marinka Peschmann recently asked in a cutting editorial just who will be next to play the race card on the immigration debate. “Lodging the accusation of racism against people who are not racists is vile and despicable, yet in recent years the race card has been thrown around like confetti by certain media types and politicians, especially against conservatives and those Americans who want a small, efficient government,” asserts Peschmann in her column. “In the debate on immigration reform, people who disagree with a path to citizenship for illegal aliens can find themselves branded a racist or even a potential domestic terrorist.”

True to form, MSNBC, a liberal staple for racial assertions, framed the ongoing immigration debate as one of race. When discussing the new immigration bill proposed by the Gang of Eight, guest Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington Post referenced the McCain town hall meetings. “But that town hall, for example,” responds Tamron Hall on her show, MSNBC’s News Nation—“I don’t want to make it seem as if I’m disparaging the people who made up that town hall, but they were mostly older, white men who the party now knows it cannot depend upon if it is to move forward.” In other words, these older white men may have opposed illegal immigration, but the future of the vote is with Latinos and other minorities; the views of the first group are demographically irrelevant.

Racial demagoguery distracts from the real debates in immigration reform, which have long-lasting implications for not only illegal immigrants and their families, but for legal immigrants as well.

Hall also referred to the “shellacking” that Republicans received in the recent election; Hispanic voting preferences and the growing Hispanic community should apparently act as a wake-up call and motivate Republicans to change their stance and support so-called comprehensive immigration reform.

Peschmann is the author of Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis. She argues that favoring illegal immigrants over legal immigrants is the true form of discrimination in the immigration debate. “What I do know and as I have documented in my book […] is people who want to legalize illegal aliens before LEGAL immigrants are discriminating against all LEGAL immigrants (current and former) who have been stuck and are stuck in Washington’s broken legal immigration system,” writes Peschmann. “It is a system that has been built on failed and nonsensical policies under Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama which spawned an anti-legal, anti-job, arbitrary and lawless legal immigration agency—the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.”

Legal immigrants into the U.S. currently face a bottleneck, with wait times sometimes spanning decades. “According to the State Department Visa bulletin that shows the wait times for legal immigrants if you are a legal immigrant from the Philippines and filed for legal status to live in America in 1989 in the F4 (family based) category your ‘priority number’ has just come up—after twenty-four years of waiting,” wrote Peschmann for this February. “People from Mexico who filed under the F2B category who were approved in November 1992 after a twenty-one-year wait get to move to the next step and so forth.” When will the mainstream media start talking about this crisis? It has much less to do with race and more to do with policy.

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