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Last week, YouGov and The Economist published the findings of a joint poll that questioned Americans on the Second Amendment, or the right to bear arms, and on possible policy proposals to gauge Americans’ overall opinions on the issue.

One in five Americans, or about 21 percent, said they would back a complete or full repeal of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 39 percent of Democrats polled said they would back a repeal, with only 8 percent of Republicans agreeing. Black Americans (30 percent) and Northeastern residents (28 percent) also were more supportive of a repeal measure.

Nearly half of respondents agreed that more restrictions should be enacted, or 46 percent, with Democrats overwhelmingly approving of stricter measures (76 percent). As the Washington Post reported, this is significant since few politicians in the Democratic Party have called for a complete repeal of the Second Amendment.

But, despite the Post article, the rest of the mainstream media was mostly silent on the issue of the poll’s results. A Google search of the poll yielded results from the Post, Breitbart and National Review.

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