Accuracy in Media

The mainstream media covered the pro-gun control student walkout protests extensively and as it happened, with pundits foretelling the coming assault on the National Rifle Association.

The hype was evident, with mainstream media networks sending camera crews to high schools to interview participating students. Initial estimates of participating students were in the thousands.

On the flip side, pro-life high school students organized a walkout protest, albeit not with the overwhelming numbers as the pro-gun control protest had. In total, pro-life activists claimed 191 high schools and 81 colleges participated in the April 11 protests.

Mainstream media outlets provided little coverage of the pro-life protests, compared to their wall-to-wall coverage of the pro-gun control protests.

Only Fox News, Washington Examiner, Washington Times and Breitbart covered the story when it happened, but not CNN, NBC News, ABC News or CBS News.

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