Accuracy in Media

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, before the recent tax reform law was passed, declared that any benefits for American workers are “crumbs” since the wealthy benefit from the law. While the wealthy do benefit from the law, the middle-class and poor also benefit from the law.

Now, more than 100 companies have announced benefits following the law that include one-time bonuses between $250 and $1,000, increases in 401(k) match amounts and higher minimum wages. Freedom Partners, a pro-free market organization affiliated with the Koch network of organizations, has a list of these announcements.

Pelosi reiterated how the tax reform law and benefits are “crumbs” for American workers and their families this week. It may appear to be “crumbs” to her, as Pelosi and her husband are wealthy — they own two homes in California and another in Washington, D.C.

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