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Can it be true? Are the liberal media actually awakening to the climate reality that manmade global warming is a hoax perpetrated by environmental fear-mongers?

Marc Morano of Climate Depot thinks so. He is convinced that 2009 will be remembered as the tipping point in the coverage of global warming, and he provides plenty of evidence to support that conclusion. Here are some of the bullet points, but be sure to click through to Climate Depot for the full list of footnoted proof of new skepticism in the mainstream press:

  • “Appeals to authority about the alleged global warming “consensus” are now being met with a healthy dose of skepticism by increasing large portions of the mainstream media. Statements [saying the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control] “has spoken” no longer have the comforting effect on many key members of the journalistic flock.”
  • “A steady stream of peer-reviewed studies, a continued lack of global warming, realworld data and scientists continuing to dissent have finally moved major establishment media outlets to report that the debate not only is “not over” but that skeptics may have been correct all along.”
  • “In addition to the media, even climate and environmental activists are now questioning global warming.”
  • “The public has grown increasingly skeptical as the promoters of man-made climate fears have grown [direr].”

Some journalists — a large contingent in the Society of Environmental Journalists, for starters — likely are beyond hope. They will parrot the green view of the climate from here to doomsday eternity. Morano singled out ABC’s Bill Blakemore and CBS’ Scott Pelley, and possibly AP climate reporter Seth Borenstein.

But it’s encouraging to see several signs of journalists acting like reporters rather than servants of the “settled science” crowd.

Of course, the end of one cycle of bad environmental reporting may just be the beginning of another. Morano also noted that the green crowd already has a new target — plastics. The question is whether the liberal media once again will rush to follow the environmentalists’ lead.

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