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The ClimateGate scandal keeps growing while major media outlets continue to ignore the story.  As of December 2, ABC had only mentioned the story once, on Sunday’s This Week with George Stephanopolous, and CBS and NBC still had not reported the leaked emails on the morning or evening news. 

Rather than focus on this huge scientific scandal, the timing of which is critical―considering the cap and trade legislation stalled in the Senate and the upcoming Copenhagen meeting supposedly intended to combat global warming—the mainstream media have done their best to ignore it. The scandal involves the destruction of data, the manipulation and cover-up of data, and a plan to punish scientific journals that might dare to publish the views of skeptics of the man made global warming theory. They realize that a full airing of the facts would likely undermine an important part of President Obama’s agenda, and expose the corruption of a significant part of the scientific establishment.

The media have always been vital to freedom.  Free men and women are only free because they can make their own rational choices that preserve freedom—and one can only make rational choices when correct, timely, and accurate information is available.  But if you were only watching ABC, CBS, or NBC to get informed, you would be sadly illiterate when it comes to today’s biggest story.  How can Americans be expected to make rational decisions about the future of the country when major news networks are hiding crucial information?

At every level―national, state and local―officials are considering actions to reduce carbon emissions as part of an effort to combat global warming. We all want clean air, and less dependency on Middle Eastern oil. But the plans to create a global bureaucracy and, in essence, a system of taxation and global redistribution, would be a huge blow to our economy, and represent a significant infringement on American sovereignty, all in the name of phony science.

The media are aware that citizens cannot stop an agenda they don’t know about.  This is surely one reason why they are intentionally keeping this scandal out of the news.  But the real question is: Why are ABC, CBS, and NBC so invested in keeping such essential information from the public?

NBC is owned by General Electric, whose CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, is an advisor to President Obama.  Immelt and GE both have vested interests in keeping fears of global warming alive—they see it as good for their business interests.

The Redstone family, of National Amusements, are majority owners of CBS; Sumner Murray Redstone is currently CBS’ chairman.  While Redstone in 2004 did support Bush, admitting that “a Republican administration is better for [his] company,” he has considered himself a “liberal democrat” from his “early days,” and was a close friend of the late Ted Kennedy.  Redstone has also given over $50,000 to the Democratic Party.  While he has increased his donations to the Republican Party recently, it appears as though no one can take that apparent change of heart too seriously.  Redstone’s other companies, such as Viacom and MTV, have all been launching “green” initiatives of their own. 

CBS’ CEO, Leslie Moonves, also supports going green.  In June of 2008, he announced CBS’ support for green projects; at that point, he had already donated over $26,000 total to various liberal Democratic candidates, including Al Gore, John Kerry, and Bill Clinton.  Perhaps CBS’ CEO, like that of NBC, is invested in promoting the status quo of ignorance when it comes to the truths of climate change. 

ABC News is owned by Disney.  Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger, has donated over $161,000 total to Democratic candidates, including Dianne Feinstein, Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer, and Chris Dodd.  FOX News has reported:

 [Disney CEO] Iger has impeccable liberal credentials. He gives about 90 percent of his personal political contributions to Democrats and special interest groups; his wife, former news anchor Willow Bay, has a senior position with the Huffington Post.

Disney also has connections to Obama through PERB [the President’s Economic Recovery Board]. Monica C. Lozano, CEO of La Opinion, a major Spanish-language newspaper in the U. S., is a member of Disney’s board of directors and the president’s economic board.

Indeed, Iger’s—and Disney’s—overall leftist bias has shown through ABC’s programming before.  ABC is the home network for such famous liberals as Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Rosie O’Donnell, and Charles Gibson. 

To quote once again FOX News:

Given today’s volatile political climate and the diverse array of media sources including the Internet and cable TV, Disney/ABC’s liberal bias could backfire on the company. After all, a reputation for credibility and trustworthiness is a news organizations [sic] only asset.

Americans need to begin accepting that credibility and trustworthiness are no longer priorities for NBC, CBS, or ABC.


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