Accuracy in Media

The liberal media is overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic Party, where only 7% of journalists are registered Republicans. It is in their best interest to blast moderates, criticize conservatives and libertarians and to protect the Democratic Party.

How do we know this? AIM has documented countless examples over the years of pro-liberal and pro-Democratic Party coverage.

The more recent example is related to Hillary Clinton’s book tour, promoting her latest book on the 2016 election, “What Happened.” Although the media is covering the excerpts from publishers, which consist of griping and criticizing her critics, the media is missing out on pointing out the political implications of Clinton’s book tour.

Politico was the first media outlet to point out that Democratic strategists, surrogates and members who said that the book tour is going to hurt the brand of the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. One Clinton surrogate said, requesting anonymity, that they wished that Clinton would go away and get out of the public spotlight.

The Politico article pointed out that Clinton’s relitigation of her Election Day loss to Donald Trump is detrimental to projecting a forward-facing party, but her book tour harps on the same things that the public had heard about months after the election.

The liberal media needs to be more fair; that is all we ask for at AIM. It’s time that the liberal media talk more about the Democratic Party’s looming political problems heading into the 2018 midterm elections to cover both political parties equally.

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