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RedState started as a grassroots conservative website that would discuss and flesh out policy positions and rhetoric on a variety of issues.

The site was purchased by Salem Media, a conservative-leaning media organization, and former writers allege that the new owners did not know what to do with the website.

Last week, RedState cut costs by firing many of its writers, which led to an outcry on social media. The writers in question allege that they were fired for not being supportive of the president, even if their traffic was comparable to more pro-Trump writers. RedState writers were paid based on traffic and clicks to their posts.

CNNThe Hill, The Atlantic and the Daily Beast covered news of the firings and pointed out how criticism or tepid support of the president has gotten other Salem Media employees in some trouble. In the past, it is alleged that Salem Media got on the case of radio hosts for not being pro-Trump enough.

The mainstream media’s main point was how conservative media is leaning towards an all-in approach on covering Trump and tends to exclude more neutral and critical voices within the conservative movement and within the Republican Party. From the RedState firings and allegations, the media could have a valid point.

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