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Media outlets, leading up to the election of President Donald Trump and after his inauguration, have looked the other way on multiple stories important to conservatives.

Last week, Roman Catholic Church Cardinal Timothy Dolan, an influential religious figure in New York City, blasted the Democratic Party for abandoning Catholic voters.

Dolan’s perspective was published in the Wall Street Journal, headlined, “The Democrats Abandon Catholics,” and brought up several important policy positions important for American Catholics, which the Democratic Party opposes on a national scale.

Dolan criticized the party for “effectively…blacklist[ing]” a pro-life Democratic congressman, Dan Lipinski, due to his pro-life views and voting record. He blasted the party for extending a pro-choice, or pro-abortion, litmus test on the national level, which isolates Catholic voters. Dolan’s blistering rebuke was not done, where he lamented New York Democratic politicians blocking education tax credit legislation that would allow middle-class and the poor to have access to private schools. He said, “[I]t saddens me, and weakens the democracy millions of Americans cherish when the party that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us.”

Yet, despite this leading Catholic cardinal’s opinion editorial being run in a nationally-respected and circulated newspaper, the mainstream media outlets were silent on Dolan’s criticisms on their online websites.

A Google search led to zero articles and videos published on Dolan’s opinion editorial by the mainstream media outlets, with the only exceptions being Fox News, Washington Free Beacon, Washington Times and the Daily Caller (conservative-leaning outlets). But, a search in the online websites for CNN, MSNBC, ABC News and CBS News had the same result.

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