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Rachel Maddow, one of many anti-Trump hosts at MSNBC, recently revealed one of the latest hot takes on the Trump administration’s airstrikes in Syria. She wondered whether the U.S. airstrikes on the Syrian government were to distract the news media and the American public from President Donald Trump’s domestic scandals:

“Even if you give the president every benefit of the doubt even if his calculations about whether to launch this action against Syria tonight was taken with absolutely no regard for for what else is going on in the president’s life right now, what else is going on in the president’s life right now on the creates a real perception around the globe that that may have been part of the motivation both for what he did for and particularly for when he did it.”

The allegations from adult film star Stormy Daniels, among allegations from other women, were what Maddow was referring to.

But to claim that this was a coordinated distraction is disingenuous because the airstrikes were coordinated with the British and French governments after a recent chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on civilians.

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