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Too often, the liberal media blames the conservatives and the GOP for destroying the country and causing trouble. This time, the liberal media avoids pointing blame at the Democratic Party over the use of the so-called “nuclear option,” where the Senate can throw aside the filibuster in favor of a simple majority vote.

Who is to blame? Former Nevada U.S. Senator Harry Reid, who used the “nuclear option” in 2013 to push Obama’s agenda in the Senate. Now, the Republicans look to use it in order to confirm Neil Gorsuch as the next U.S. Supreme Court nominee, the first under President Trump.

Here’s what the liberal media said about the “nuclear option” in light of the Gorsuch Senate confirmation vote:

CNN: Why the Democrats aren’t worried about the nuclear option

The Hill: Senators fear fallout of nuclear option

Huffington Post: Republicans Will Regret The Nuclear Option

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