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Protesters have flooded Republican politicians’ hometown town halls as of late. Starting with the likes of Utah’s Jason Chaffetz, local and out-of-town protesters have disrupted GOP politicians’ town halls as of late to protest the election (and policies) of President Donald Trump. The LA Times outlined the number of town halls disrupted by protesters:

  • Utah (Rep. Jason Chaffetz)
  • Georgia (Rep. Buddy Carter)
  • Florida (Rep. Dennis Ross)
  • Kentucky (Sen. Mitch McConnell)
  • California (Rep. Tom McClintock)

The Los Angeles Times gushed over the protests, which disrupt civil conversation and forced the politicians to end their town halls earlier than planned. Now, if Republicans did the same to Democratic politicians at their town halls, would they be covered favorably? Most unlikely:

For Rep. Buddy Carter, a two-term GOP lawmaker representing a staunchly conservative stretch of coastal Georgia, the boos began as soon as he tried to present plans to replace the Affordable Care Act.

More than 300 people, many wearing Planned Parenthood T-shirts and waving pink and purple paper hearts, squeezed into a college auditorium in Savannah for the standing-room-only event. Outside, scores more chanted, “Let us in!”

The crowd erupted in jeers as Carter displayed a slide titled “Broken Obamacare Promises.”

“Affordable Care Act!” a chorus of voices yelled, objecting to the use of the Republican pejorative for Obama’s signature healthcare law.

“You know about the promises and you know about the reality,” Carter told constituents, saying that annual healthcare premiums had risen $4,300 for the average family.

“Look, folks, Obamacare is collapsing,” Carter said.

“You collapsed it!” a man in the audience hollered back, and the crowd roared.

…For some people, the gatherings were akin to therapy, or a group session on translating grief into action.

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