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The media is covering the sexual misconduct scandals that have enveloped Hollywood, politicians in Washington, D.C., and the mainstream media in general. For now, mostly liberal-leaning celebrities and politicians dominate the list. Per Townhall, here is the list of people who have been fired due to allegations of sexual misconduct:

  • Harvey Weinstein- film producer
  • Mark Halperin- MSNBC political analyst
  • Matt Lauer- co-host of NBC’s “The Today Show”
  • Matt Zimmerman- NBC Senior Vice President of Booking, News and Entertainment
  • Charlie Rose- CBS television journalist
  • Mike Oreskes- National Public Radio executive
  • David Sweeney- National Public Radio news editor
  • Louis C.K.- comedian who saw ties cut from HBO and FX, in addition to the cancelation of his Netflix special
  • Kevin Spacey- actor of the House of Cards Netflix series and was fired from the show
  • Garrison Keiller- Minnesota Public Radio

Photo by World Economic Forum

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