Accuracy in Media

This is almost unbelievable; liberals are still in mourning over Hillary Clinton’s Election Day loss to Donald Trump. A sociology professor at Yale named Jeffrey Alexander was interviewed by CBS News and said the following about the American liberals post-Trump’s victory:

For the more liberal half of the United States, nothing rocked its sense of order more than the November election of Donald Trump as the 45th president. And because of that event, Alexander believes that thousands of Democrats are now experiencing symptoms we generally associate with personal trauma.

“They have stopped smiling. They feel like crying. They feel tired, listless, as if they’re in mourning,” he explains. “It’s as if somebody died who they loved. And what has died is their vision of the United States and that vision of an idealized society moving forward and having progress and becoming more inclusive and more tolerant of rights, committed to peace and getting beyond certain kinds of masculinity. This is as if somebody struck a dagger into its heart. And even though their own lives are probably fine, they haven’t lost their jobs and hopefully nobody’s died, something big has died and it’s a terrible sense of lost.”

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