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It’s interesting that the editorial boards for the Washington Post, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune are not siding with the Democratic Party on holding fast on a Senate filibuster on the confirmation of Trump Supreme Court nominee Donald Trump.

Instead, they are urging the Democrats to not filibuster over Gorsuch and to save political ammunition for other issues, such as legislation and policy, not a Supreme Court appointment.

The Washington Post said:

“Anger about the majority leader’s cynical power play may be clouding Democrats’ judgment, even about their own tactical interests. They have tried to paint Mr. Gorsuch as unacceptably radical, despite the fact that former Obama administration officials, the American Bar Association and many others have deemed him well-qualified to serve.”

The Boston Globe added:

“Democrats would be fully justified in voting against Gorsuch’s confirmation. But a pointless filibuster, however pleasing to partisans, would only continue the politicization of the courts.”

The Chicago Tribune agreed, blaming Harry Reid, the former U.S. Senator from Nevada:

“This sorry confrontation over Gorsuch has direct roots in a 2013 action by Senate Democrats. Then-Majority Leader Harry Reid deployed the nuclear option to crush Republican dissent over some presidential nominations. President Barack Obama endorsed Reid’s move, blaming Republican obstructionism that “just isn’t normal.” Funny how hyper-partisanship is starting to look more normal every day.”

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