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Voter fraud is voter fraud, period. But, to the liberal media, if voter fraud isn’t widespread, it isn’t a major issue. Yet, the prosecution of Mexican national (an U.S. permanent resident) Rosa Maria Ortega to serve eight years in prison and then to be deported is being labeled as too vindictive and “harsh.”

Washington Post made sure to note that Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud “have been debunked,” without mentioning that violating the law is still violating the law and election integrity of American politics. Yet, the Post pointed out that Ortega was a registered Republican and had not voted in 2016.

The New York Times also mentioned Ortega’s political party registration, and went on to claim that voter fraud is “unfounded,” then cited several instances of actual election fraud:

Many fraud convictions that draw prison sentences — and some that do not — involve clear efforts to influence election results. Texas prosecutors won prison sentences for four men who moved into a hotel in 2010 to claim residency so they could sway a local election. A woman in Brownsville, Tex., was placed on five years’ probation for casting five absentee ballots under different names in elections in 2012.

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