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The Trump administration will not renew their advisory panelists at one of the advisory boards at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), headed by Scott Pruitt. Pruitt has been criticized for his ties to the energy industry, and this recent move received criticism from the liberal media. What did the liberal media have to say about this move? Not-so-flattering things:

  • CNN claimed, “Pruitt removes scientists from key EPA board” in their headline.
  • Washington Post: EPA dismisses half of key board’s scientific advisers; Interior suspends more than 200 advisory panels

The EPA declined to renew the terms of their advisors, which shocked some of the academics were served under Obama’s EPA. Pruitt’s office contends that they are opening up the advisory councils to competition to serve on the councils, and that the criticism and complaints from outgoing advisors is unprofessional.

As Mike Bastach of The Daily Caller pointed out, the New York Times buried the lede, which was that these advisors serve three-year terms and their positions are not guaranteed. They had to re-apply if not re-appointed in the past, but apparently many were re-appointed before this week. Now, it will be more competitive.

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